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MS Frontpage
MS Frontpage

By: Clare Lawrence 15th August 2004

Thinking of designing your own website?, MS Frontpage is a good starting point. It is widely available, well supported and reasonably priced.

Why MS Frontpage?

If you’re familiar with the other members of the Microsoft family such as Excel, Word or Powerpoint then you’ll find Frontpage easy to pick up.

A concept that most beginners find hard to get used to is that of client and server, in which the product only fully functions once published to a web server.

Frontpage copes well here, its preview function showing how the pages will look, once published.

Frontpage 2003 has improved its publishing utility and now incorporates many templates and wizards. So building a feedback form or question capture screen is very straightforward.

If you’re building a personal website or a corporate presence site, then frontage is great. If your planning a professional site or comprehensive e-commerce platform then a product such as Mcromedia Dream weaver maybe more suitable.

Features of Frontpage

  • Reasonably priced
  • Windows style front end, therefore easy to pick up if you know Powerpoint or Word.
  • Plenty of tools and wizards etc
  • Availability of courses and study aids
  • Widely used and easy to find help and advice in forums
  • Very suitable for web novices
  • Microsoft is committed to develop and improve the product, plus they are likely to be around in 5 years!
  • 2003 has much improved its FTP wizard

  • Frontpage is a great way to get on the net.

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    MS Frontpage