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What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an Internet affiliate network. Affiliate networks combine thousands of Internet affiliate programs into one simple website.

So instead of signing up for numerous affiliate programs, which can be a hassle, you only need to sign up once with a site like ClickBank. This will allow you access to promote over 11,000+ products and services.

Once you pick a product you want to promote, it is super easy to get the special link you use to promote the products and earn commissions with.

ClickBank is actually a special type of affiliate network in that it only deals with digital products. When a customer buys through ClickBank, they receive their purchase instantly over the Internet.

Why ClickBank?

  • Very easy for beginners to learn
  • Offers thousands of high quality affiliate products to market
  • Offers extremely high commissions (up to 75%)
  • Many people are already members of ClickBank
  • Getting affiliate links is very simple and fast
  • Stats are in real time and can be checked 24/7
  • ClickBank sends commission checks out every two weeks
  • ClickBank is a really good affiliate network and I use them all the time however, I urge you to explore options other than ClickBank. There are some great non ClickBank products out there that can make you a ton of cash. Don’t limit your options.

    Joining ClickBank is free and it only takes about two minutes.

    Join ClickBank:

    When you join ClickBank, you will be asked to choose a ClickBank nickname. Please remember this nickname, you will need it later. Spend a few minutes getting familiar with ClickBank.

    Go to ClickBank now and click on the “promote products” link. From there you will be taken to the “Marketplace”. You will have a choice of nine different categories.

    Once you find a product you want to promote, you will need to get your special promotion link. This link is what makes it possible for you to promote the affiliate link and get credit for any sales that you produce.

    To get your link, click create hoplink.
    A pop up will appear prompting you do type in your ClickBank nickname.
    After you enter your ClickBank nickname, you will get your special ClickBank product link.

    This link is what you will use to promote the product. If someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you will get paid a commission.

    For more information on how these special links work, click below:

    For Vendors

    The popularity of ClickBank stems from it's ease of use. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and integrating it into your site is simple. The set up cost is also quite low - only $49.95 at the time of writing. They then charge you 7.5% + $1.00 for each sale.

    Once you have signed up, all you need to do is create an "Order Now" link on your site and a page for your customers to download your product. ClickBank looks after the rest. They take the payment details and the re-direct the customer back to your download page.

    The fact that ClickBank is so popular actually offers benefits from a sales perspective because many people have dealt with them before and have no concerns about security.

    ClickBank allows you to set up an affiliate program with your account. You can set commissions at pretty much any level that you want - some merchants are offering commissions up to 75%. ClickBank has around 100 000 affiliates signed up and all of them can promote your product just by going to the affiliate area and grabbing your link.

    For Affiliates

    Affiliates have easy access to thousands of products via the ClickBank Marketplace. You don't need to apply to join a specific vendor's affiliate program - you have access to all of them. Merchants tend to pay commissions of around 30% - 50% but there are some that are higher.

    For any sales that you make, ClickBank will send you a cheque every two weeks.

    Basically, everyone should sign up with ClickBank because it is very simple to use and the commissions tend to be good. One thing to keep in mind though is that the percentage that you are paid is calculated after ClickBank takes it's 7.5% + $1.00 fee. So, 50% on a $50.00 product is not $25.00 - you get around $22.50.

    Join ClickBank at