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Advertising on the Web Main Steps
Main Steps

01- Creating Websites.

02- Domains and Hosting.

03- Products to Sell.

04- Search Engines.

05- WebSite traffic.

06- Web Advertising.

07- Accepting Credit Cards.

08- Shopping Carts.

09- Scam Jobs.

10- Web Development.

Advertising on the Web 06- Advertising on the web- Page 1 of 2

Web advertising is a big business, and gettingbigger every day ... If you're trying to build your business on the Internet, or trying to profit from the success of your site, you need to understand how web advertising works!

Common Advertising Methods:

First Method:

Free Classified Ads:

Online classified advertisements are an electronic version of the classified ads you see in your local and national newspapers. These are generally simple text line ads, advertising a product or service.

You write a headline, description and post some contact details for potential buyers to get in touch with you. Offline classified ads would direct people to a phone number while online classified ads would contain your URL and an email address.

There are thousands of free websites where you can place free classified ads. The placing of a classified ad is a great way to get your message out to thousands of people.

You will get responses from people who are interested in your ad and responses from people that want to tell you about their business, keep their address, you can always email them back with another offer (save their message and reply to it) you can't be guilty of spamming.


  • Create a powerful headline!
  • Classified ads are listed amongst many others, so you will need to have a great headline. It will need to stand out from the crowd, and send a powerful message creating an instant desire for the reader to see what you have to offer.
  • Keep your classified ad simple and to the point!
  • The purpose of the classified ad is not to sell your products or services. All your classified ad needs to do is to get a visitor to your web site. Your web site becomes your sales letter! Once a visitor arrives at your web site, your web site should be designed to take care of all of the detailed product selling for you.

    Important Classified Sites:

  • The Grandfather Of All Links FREE Advertising Directory which has over 10,000 + places to advertise for free. Contact them at:
  • Ultimate Advertising Club
  • More Free Classified sites:

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    Free advertising and Personal ads. 100's of listings.

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    There are more classified sites added every day keep searching
    on your browser for" free classifieds."
    Advertising on the Web