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Shopping Carts Main Steps
Main Steps

01- Creating Websites.

02- Domains and Hosting.

03- Products to Sell.

04- Search Engines.

05- WebSite traffic.

06- Web Advertising.

07- Accepting Credit Cards.

08- Shopping Carts.

09- Scam Jobs.

10- Web Development.

Shopping Carts 08- Shopping Carts- Page 1 of 2

To accept online payments, you must have a shopping cart system that allows the customer to select and purchase products from your Web site.

A shopping cart system consists of three components:

1-Product catalog:

The product catalog displays the items you have for sale on the Web site.

2-Shopping cart:

The shopping cart system allows your customers to select products by clicking an "add items to cart" button.

3-Checkout/ payment system:

The checkout/payment system allows the customer to complete the checkout process and pay for his or her purchase with a credit card. It is the checkout/payment component that communicates with the gateway system to complete the transaction.Adding a shopping cart system to your Web site can be a simple or highly complex task, depending on the system you select.

The cost of shopping cart software ranges from free (for simplistic form-based systems) to very expensive.

The greatest challenge is to find the perfect e-commerce shopping cart solution for yourself and/or your client. This task can be very complicated. Considering, if you type "shopping cart" into, this search alone returns over 314 million hits! Most of us don't have the time to sift through more than a few pages of a search engine to find what we're looking for.To select the shopping cart system that's best for your business, you should consider a number of factors, including:

  • Product you're selling,
  • Depth of your product line,
  • Purchase options you wish to offer customers,
  • Inventory control functionality
  • Extent of automation you desire.
  • Shopping cart systems:

    1-Free Shopping Cart Solution:

    Paypal Shopping Cart:

    When you use PayPal's free Shopping Cart on your website, your customers can purchase multiple items with a single payment, browse your entire selection, and view a consolidated list of all their items before purchasing. The Shopping Cart is a low-cost way for you to accept credit card and bank account payments, and can be fully integrated with your website in a few easy steps.

    The advantage of using a company like PayPal is that you don't need to acquire a business license to accept credit cards. There is also very little setup involved. You simply tell PayPal your prices, copy and paste some HTML code into your site that will take your customers to the secure "checkout area" so they can pay.

    There's nothing to design or shopping cart software to install. Everything is hosted on PayPal's servers.

    What are the benefits?

    Save time and money with PayPal's hassle-free Shopping Cart:

  • Easy to implement - no CGI scripting necessary
  • No up-front costs - you'll have the same low fee schedule used when you receive other PayPal payments
  • Sell with ease - PayPal maintains detailed transaction records on our website.
  • Improve buyer experience - with customizable buttons and secure payments, happy customers become repeat
  • The instructions below provide a brief overview of the PayPal Shopping Cart. For more detailed instructions or to add special features to your Shopping Cart, please refer to the Shopping Cart Manual (PDF 517K / 34 pages) you must hav a Paypal account and be logged in to view this link.

    How It Works:

    The Shopping Cart is easy to set-up and use:

  • Log in to your Premier or Business PayPal account.
  • Click on the Sell tab
  • Click on the Shopping Cart link
  • Specify the name, price, and other details of the item you wish to sell
  • Add more optional information such as shipping, sales tax, and option fields (for size, color, etc.)
  • Click Create Button Now and the Button Factory will generate customized HTML code
  • Paste the HTML code on your website to create your "Add to Cart" and "View Cart" buttons.
  • When a buyer clicks the "Add to Cart" button, a new window will appear listing the contents of the buyer's Shopping Cart, including the item just added. To make the purchase, the buyer clicks "Checkout" from this window.

    2- Built-in Shopping Cart With Hosting:

    In this case you get an online storefront (a hosted shopping cart) where the configuration is very basic and the required setup time is minimal.

    Would like people to be able to come to your site and buy items or services? A Yahoo shopping cart may be the answer.With a Yahoo shopping cart, your visitors can gather items to buy off your site. When it comes time to pay, the money goes into your already existing Yahoo account.
    1&1 combines the web's cheapest hosting and domain prices with friendly service to create an unmatched value. We have 20+ easy to sell, feature-packed products to help you earn. Can you target personal or business web user who need a website, domains, hosting? Whatever they need, we know we have a hosting solution that will fit.
    Build an online store just $9.99 mo. PayPal ready! Order a 1&1 Business eShop - get FREE templates, marketing tools and FREE online ad $.

    3- Third party shopping carts:

    2CO is proud to recommend the following third party shopping carts. They are excellent alternatives for clients with larger product catalogs, or other needs. They are all extremely robust and can be used to easily sell through 2CO.

    CubeCart is an e-commerce script written with PHP & MySQL. It isextremely easy to set up and configure with 2Checkout.
    Web site:

    osCommerce is a powerfull e-commerce solution under on goingdevelopment by the open source community. It's feature packedout-of-the-box installation allows store owners to setup, run, andmaintain their online stores with minimum effort and at no softwarecost!
    Web site:
    (Version 2.2 is 2Checkout Enabled)

    X-Cart is highly-customizable, template-based PHP+MySQLshopping cart software. The software can be used both as a readyout-of-the-box shopping cart solution and as a powerful PHPshopping cart engine for a customized web shop.
    Web site:
    A comprehensive ASP shopping cart for business and developers.Full source (no DLLs), easy install, extensive features. Use withany language/currency. Free working demo, free support, Freeupgrades. Now in use in over 60 countries. We welcomecomparison to any other cart regardless of price.
    Web site:

    4- E-store software- equipped with a shopping cart:

    If you have a large number of products with various options, in such a case, it is preferable to use e-store software.

    (Not our case- Just to know about it)

    In this case you get shopping cart software, download it, install it on your web server, then configure the shopping cart.

    If you have some programming skills, buy a script and install it on your own. The nice thing is that you pay a one-time fee for shopping cart software and the license is good for a lifetime. It's approximately the same price to have a hosted solution for a year compared to most one time shopping cart license fees.

    Shopping Carts