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Creating your own web directory

By Clare Lawrence 16 July 2004

Building your own web directory can be a very rewarding project in its own right.

I spent a lot of time looking for directories for my own use, before I decided to start my own.
I considered writting my own script, but then realised that there lots of scripts already out there, that work and run successful directories. So why re-create the wheel?

I purchased an off the shelf directory script selected a reasonable priced hosting package using, installed it and within an hour my first directory was up and running.

My directory is called and is a global business directory.

How can you make money from a directory? A good way is to sign up with Google Adsense. This allows you to sell Google ads on your site, you get a payment for every click. The exact income depends on supply and demand, but is higher for more popular phrases and lower for more obscure ones.

I have been amazed how quickly traffic and listing have grown. Within the first month of operation, I received 20 - 30 new listing a day.

I have now started to charge for express listings and plan to charge for all listing once the site has build up a good google PageRank.

What are the lesson I have learned?

Choose your topic carefully. Your subject theme may be less popular than you think.

2) Apply for Google Adsense. This will help cover your costs.

3) Promote the site in forums.

4) Post to Weblogs / Blogs.

5) Choose a good script!

6) Make sure you have fun.

Best wishes with your own directory project.

Clare Lawrence
Business Directory

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