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Brad Fallon, SEO expert, CEO and Founder -
Brad Fallon, SEO expert, CEO and Founder -
Brad Fallon is the CEO of Smart Marketing, Inc. and Kate Aspen, Inc., companies that sell various wholesale and retail products on the internet. Beginning with My Wedding Favors in January, 2004, Brad's online businesses have grown from $1 million in first year sales to $7 million in year two. Third year sales are projected to be well into eight figures.

Previously, Brad founded SEO Research, LLC, a search engine marketing firm and research laboratory dedicated to pure and applied research in the area of search engine optimization.

Together with Andy Jenkins, Brad is the co-creator of Stomping the Search Engines, one of the best selling home study courses on search engine marketing. Thanks to "The Stomper," thousands of web site owners have achieved higher search engine rankings.

Brad is the author of Creating Customers Out of Thin Air: Secrets of Online Marketing for Offline Businesses and he consults with clients of all sizes, helping them to apply interactive marketing strategies with an emphasis on Search Engine Marketing.

He earned a degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 1990 and graduated second in his class from the University Of Florida College Of Law in 1997.

His main hobby is "Google Crushing" -- sitting in front of a computer studying Google search results. Although he may be a computer geek, he comes up #1 on Google if you search "coolest guy on the planet." So he can't be too boring!

To see for yourself, tune into Search Engine Radio (, the only radio show dedicated to search engine marketing, every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. Pacific and noon Eastern, and learn about Google crushing for fun and profit.

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